Bridesmaid 1979

a girl or woman, usually one of several, who accompanies a bride on her wedding day.
a person who never attains a desire or goal.

I have been a bridesmaid several times. I have particularly vivid memories of being a bridesmaid at family weddings in Northampton, London and Cyprus. However I have no recollection of being a bridesmaid at the wedding of my Semra hala (hala = paternal aunt in Turkish). What I do have is this photograph. I feel like it is a work of art in itself and I don't need to do much to it.

This photograph must have been taken in 1979 when I was three years old because that is the year that Semra hala got married. I don't know who took the photograph, most likely my mum or dad. Every item in the photograph is familiar yet strange, only the ornate, brass imbrik, a gift from a friend of my father, in the left corner remains in my parents' sitting room. Even the radiator in the background has been replaced. The small, pink figurine on the table to the right seems to intensify my childlike ladyness. I appear to have been carefully placed in position moments before the photograph was taken, perhaps after trying on the outfit for the first time. It seems as though the outfit is happening to me and yet I appear to entirely embody the role that has been chosen for me despite not yet being capable of understanding it.

Why is this in the textiles section? I intend to print images of me in my various bridesmaid roles onto fabric, maybe a t-shirt or dress. I don't have photographs of me in all my bridesmaid dresses so I need to do some searching. If you have any bridesmaid photographs of me please let me know.

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