Green screen experiment

crimson background.png

Today I worked in the film studio at Queen Mary University of London where I am studying for a Masters in Live Art. Today I sat in front of the camera with a green screen behind me. I decided to just look directly into the camera for a while with no particular plans or expectations. As I looked at the camera I thought about how much time I have spent watching moving images on television, in the cinema, on my laptop and on my phone and I remembered how exciting it is to be on the other side, to be sending images out into the world instead of being the recipient of them.

I put the footage of myself into Final Cut Pro and ‘keyed’ it so that I could put in a new background. I experimented with leaving it empty. Then I tried various background colours using the ‘Colour Board’ and after much dithering plumped for this purple pink. It is interesting to notice how the colours affect the mood of the image. I accidentally ‘keyed’ the footage more than once which left me with a darker image which I preferred. I also played with other effects including an effect called ‘flashing’. I kept this for the clip below. It reminded me of having my photo taken in a photo booth. It appears in the clip below as if a flash light is going off in front of me but because this was added afterwards I am not blinking.

Please note there are flashing lights in the film. It is just over a minute long.