Halas Grow on Trees

This week I have been experimenting with Final Cut Pro and footage of myself performing as my character, Hala. This is a still from a video sketch I made this week. I achieved the nine Halas by using the 'tiling' option in Final Cut Pro and 'keyed' the green screen I performed in front of so that I could put my photograph of a lemon tree behind my footage. I used to collect Russian dolls. I find them beautiful and creepy at the same time. It is disturbing that the smaller 'baby' ones that emerge from the larger ones are identical to the older ones and remind me of The Smiths' song Reel Around the Fountain which goes: It's time the tale were told/ Of how you took a child/ And you made him old. The Russian dolls came to mind when I stumbled on this tiling special effect. Also Hala's dark eye make up and pink cheeks draws on the look of Russian dolls.

still from 9 Halas in the lemon tree.jpg