Resentment Rites

My final term project is called Resentment Rites. I have chosen this title because I am interested in how feelings of resentment and bitterness are passed down from one generation to another, how we carry these emotions and how they are expressed. 

My last film Run for the Border could be considered a tragicomedy and I am interested in exploring this genre. I have been thinking about lemons as a metaphor for bitterness so I will begin by exploring the tragicomedy of eating a lemon. My initial influence is Marina Abramović eating an onion in her 1996 work, The Onion. In addition to eating a lemon I will film myself doing other absurd acts or 'resentment rituals'.

As well as Marina Abramović, I am influenced by the work of Pedro Almodóvar, in particular the characterisation and appearance of his female characters which is why I chose a bright red dress for this performance. The image below is a still from footage of me eating a lemon. The first attempt was not particularly successful as I had practice eating lemons beforehand and I made it look easier than I wanted it to appear. I was looking for exaggerated facial expressions that might be made whilst eating a lemon and did not get so many of those however the image below does convey something of the experience. I was filmed against a green screen background which gives me the option to 'key' this area using Final Cut Pro. For the image below, I chose a black background because I liked the way it focuses the viewer's attention on the character eating and the lemon. The black also gives a sort of 'lost in space' look and I imagine her eating lemons in space forever.

Lemon eating looking mean hala black background.jpg