The title of this sketch, Buz Gibi has several meanings in Turkish, including clean and fresh and ice cold. I was thinking about Hala being resentful about doing everyone's washing. I use the 'cast' special effect here, which I end up using quite often. It is a bluish black and white that makes me think of remembering something. I am interested in how I can combine moving and still images of Hala and her environment. I like the sound of the water swishing around in the washing machines and the sound of metal on metal as the coins are pushed into the machine. I chose still images of Hala because I think this heightens the sense that she is stuck when juxtaposed with the moving images of the washing machines. It is as if the machines are more alive than she is. 

I am interested in GreenScreenRefrigerator by 2008 Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey, where we are invited to explore the inner life of a Samsung refrigerator, which I wrote about in an earlier post.

Thank you to Sonia Vico and Green Lanes Launderette, Haringey for helping to realise this sketch.