Split Screen

We watched a few minutes of Candice Breitz film, Her, (1978 - 2008). I watched the rest of it at home. It uses footage of Meryl Streep from various films using her performance to create a new narrative. For the first ten minutes the dialogue centres around marriage and having children. Certain phrases are repeated, 'relationships are work', 'what about your job'. The effect is that of a chorus narrating the lives of many women, different characters with a shared experience. For much of the work the characters are referring to 'him', 'he' is never seen or heard.      

'Why is your freedom more important than mine?'

The characters engage in conversation. One snaps 'Why is your freedom more important than mine?' which brings to mind ongoing feminist arguments. I found it a powerful and thought provoking piece and am thinking about making it the focus of my essay on identity.

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