This film was made using British Pathé and Associated Press films I found on YouTube which I edited in Final Cut Pro. I particularly enjoyed playing around with the special effects such as 'Earthquake' and 'Underwater'.  The old films and newsreels are portrayals of Cyprus as seen through the eyes of British visitors and reveal the British media's attitude to Cyprus in the 1950s and 60s. This film is inspired by my time living alongside people from the UK in Northern Cyprus from 2011 to 2016.

I overlaid my own photographs of half built houses, which are a key feature of the landscape of Northern Cyprus, onto the footage I found of an amphitheatre I adjusted the opacity of the images so that my photographs appear alongside or on top of the found footage.

I am interested in what makes a foreigner and the experience of being an immigrant. Whilst working on this project I was influenced by the work of political activist and sociologist, Stuart Hall. 

In the film I also included a watercolour painting of one of the half built houses which I made whilst living in Cyprus. I juxtaposed the painting with footage of a British military policeman drinking a cup of coffee. I used the 'underwater' special effect to make my painting 'wobbly'. This was my attempt to describe what can happen in the mind of someone who is living in a foreign place. I wanted to illustrate how living in a new country with an alien climate and culture can be an intoxicating experience.