Chroma Key / Green Screen

Today we learned about chroma keying which is a visual effects technique for layering two sets of footage together based. We began by watching 'The Effluence of Affluence' by Funki Porcini which is an example of this chroma key technique being used at a advanced level. The film begins with us looking out at a runway as an aeroplane takes off. So far so normal but then it all kinds of everyday objects including a pint of milk, a lightbulb and a hat, begin to float by. It seems they are falling from the aeroplane or perhaps they were just floating around there. We were told the effect was created by filming objects tied to bits of thread and then distorting the footage to make it appear as if they were floating out of sight.

I worked with Mary-Ann. We enjoyed dressing up and 'performing' with a view to superimposing ourselves onto some amusing backdrop. We got quite carried away working out a dance routine, something I have not done since I was about twelve. It was a lot of fun. 

When it came to choosing a background we were limited by the footage we had shot ourselves and what we were able to download from the internet. We had hoped to add ourselves to a music video but were were unable to download the ones we wanted so I opted for a shot of a forest which I found by googling free footage. 

The importance of keeping the green screen behind the footage you want to use became apparent when it came to the editing stage. It was possible to crop and distort our footage into order to cut out any unwanted footage of the set but it became clear why having a larger green screen to perform in front is so important. 

We also watched 'Green Screen Refrigerator' by Turner Prize winner, Mark Leckey which is a fantastic journey into the inner life of a fridge. It is a strangely touching film. The fridge describes itself, it's context and is devastatingly poetic, coming out with out with phrases like 'rids itself of the heat of shame' when describing the functioning of its condenser coil. 

Mary-Ann as Queen of Hearts preparing for green screen experiment

Mary-Ann as Queen of Hearts preparing for green screen experiment