This week we learned to prime a piece of MDF board with acrylic primer 'square up' an A4 size picture into an A2 image. We then used acrylic paint to block out dark and light areas and added yellow ochre to create the warmer areas of colour. The warmer areas appear to come forward whilst the cooler areas, such as the left side of the mountain range, recede.


Drawing & Developing with Simon English & Marcus Richards

Simon did some demonstrations on hatching and other forms of mark making to turn shapes into forms. Scarface (my Playmobil character) made an appearance. These images were made using black ink, candle wax and felt tips

Colour with Sue Baker Kenton and Emmylou Laird

We were asked to make a collage using areas of flat colour cut from magazines. We then made up palette using oil colours and were asked to mix the colours found in our collage. This was a challenging and stimulating exercise in which earlier lessons on colour started to make sense. 

Worksheets: Friday 9th June

Today we made worksheets with Simon English and Marcus Richards. I initially stuck down a few photocopies of drawings I had in my sketchbook. Simon felt that I was not doing enough justice to some of the images so I cut up the worksheet and created something more messy and dynamic using different coloured inks.

Pattern & Repetition

Today we were taught by Sean Dawson and Jo Mitchell. They showed us work by a number of artists who have worked with repeat patterns, including William Morris. We were then asked to draw an image on a square piece of white paper. I chose to trace a drawing of my great aunt Pembe which I already had in my sketchbook. We were then told to add other contrasting elements to the image which I did. Sean and Jo made several photocopies of our drawings. Some of the photocopies were reduced in size and we used these to play around with and find patterns.